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Multidisciplinary Israeli sculptor and artist.  Born in Israel in 1950.


Studied painting and sculpture under known masters in Israel. Is a member of "Israeli Sculptors and Painters Society. Edna has been sculpturing and creating works of art in a variety of Media: Bronze, clay, Polyester, Plaster and Cement, she also paints with acrylics on canvas and specializes in drawing on wood.


Her works include figurative  and abstract  pieces and are characterized by a focus on the elements of movement. 


Edna's work is inspired and based on real life situations with a special emphasis on nature's role  is given to the human body its movements. 


“My goal, through my works, is to stimulate emotions and a sense of involvement and wonderment in the visual experience.  Above all, I want  to share the joyous results of my observations and continual search for the original,   and unexpected by memorializing them in my work”.

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